London Coffee Houses and Taverns. (Basically very old pubs).

All about London Coffee Houses and Taverns. These are basically very old pubs, or coffee houses with alcohol. The correct terminology for a tavern is actually a place where people get together to get drunk. Tavern comes from the original word of a taberna (plural tabernae) which is latterly described as a Roman wine shop, but in fact is the name for any type of Roman shop.

I spend vast amounts of time collecting together tiny facts, called data, about old pubs and buildings, in old London. My pubwiki site lists thousands of pubs, and my londonwiki site has lots of useful-ish facts including an 1832 and 1842 London street directory. Its not always early enough, so I also list John Lockies 1810 descriptive street directory of London in its entirety and also the descriptions to some of the early maps.

This site did list many taverns, and these have been moved to the pubwiki Taverns section. It is easier to edit one site, although this site will grow with alternatives, like where is this Tavern, what information exists which is proven correct, and where is it in the old maps?

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