London taverns & coffee houses will be updated once London 1842 street directory complete

London taverns & coffee houses will be updated once the London 1842 street directory is complete. Read on to understand what I am doing, but there are hundreds of early coffee houses which need adding to the pub history site, once I know which area to add them.

What is complete so far is the London 1832 Robsons London street directory, plus most of the 1842 London street directory images for the relevant page. It takes time, as London is quite a large place, and there is only one of me. I am also slowly adding pages when a street is listed in 1842, but apparently missed in 1832, even if it did exist.

The entirety of the site is being built by hand, I am not using any fancy tools. Most of the web page editing is done by editing the text. This site is brilliant, although I say it myself, and I wish it had been available 15 years ago! It is quickly becoming a fantastic resource to research early London street addresses, with lots of early pub history and church parishes used as the medium for this research.

All this detail is available on various major web sites in different formats, but there is not a site which lists detail as succinctly as I do, to a specific address in time.

I believe the London street directory site is amazing; and will continue to grow as an excellent resource. Mapping links will come next as I find the time.

All help is welcome too, if anyone wishes to get involved, there is still lots to do.



City of London taverns, e.g. Hercules tavern & London 1842 street directory

I have, as usual, been updating the London 1832 street directory today, this is now complete, but I am still adding the 1842 street directory as images from the 1842 Robsons directory. Most are now done.

One of the many updates included Hercules court, Threadneedle street, which lists the Hercules Tavern. I ran my usual check in 1833 Pigots directory, and eventually discovered it in the Taverns & Coffee House listing for various years, e.g. in 1836 and other years.

As my site only lists a pub or tavern, coffee house, beer house or whatever I am listing if I am fairly sure of the London parish, I was then attempting to discover it in the 1841 census. Then, a magical directory appeared in Ancestry, an 1835 London electoral register which lists addresses by London parish – I was absolutely gobsmacked to find this.  They also seem to exist for 1834 and 1837. Brilliant. I have now bookmarked these pages.

Back to the Hercules Tavern, and I also checked the Access to Archives site, and now have even more detail from sun Fire insurance records etc. TheTavern is still not listed on the site, but I will do this tomorrow; and it is in St Bennet Fink parish.

Why wait until tomorrow, although it is not exactly an exciting history of the Hercules Tavern

About early London coffee houses mainly

As I am building the London 1832 London street directory at present, I am regularly finding Coffee Houses listed.

Occasionally these are listed on the major pub history site I run, but often NOT.

The beauty of a blog, once you can remember how to login, is that a quick update on a posting is very quick. It also appears that the major search engines like a blog rather than an antiquated web site, so there are  many reasons for having a blog on this subject.

A listing of coffee houses would be the next sensible thing to do, and these will be added over the next couple of days. I have yet to decide which year, but maybe the 1836 Pigots directory of Taverns and Coffee Houses would be good. I can then start to add links to these where they later become pubs, or other detail as I see appropriate.