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London coffee Houses and Taverns

This is a historical site about early London coffee Houses and Taverns and will also link to my current pub history site and also The London street directory

There are wikipaedia sites which really don't have a clue what they are talking about. They are generally spouting nonsense about Roman Taverns, which live in fairy land; and are sponsored by other sites which also live in the same fairyland.

All The Houses Destroyed And Damaged By Fire Begun In Exchange-Alley, Cornhill, On Friday, March 25th, 1748. (Thanks MAPCO) & Robsons 1829 directory of Hotels, Inns, Taverns, and Coffee Houses

Early Coffee Houses and Taverns 

Garraway's coffee House, Change alley
Jonathan's coffee House
Rainbow coffee House
Nando's coffee House 
Dick's coffee House 
The " Lloyd's " of The time of charles II
Lloyd's coffee House
The Jerusalem coffee House
Baker's coffee House, Change alley
coffee Houses of The eighteenth century
coffee House sharpers in  
Don Saltero's coffee House
Saloop Houses
The Smyrna coffee House
St. James's coffee House 
The British coffee House , Cockspur street
Will's coffee House 
Button's coffee House  & Dean Swift at button's
Tom's coffee House 
The Bedford coffee House, in Covent garden
Macklin's coffee House oratory
Tom Kings coffee House
Piazza coffee House
The Chapter coffee House
Child's coffee House, st Pauls church yard
London coffee House, Ludgate hill.
Turk's Head coffee House, in Change Alley
Squire's coffee House, Fulwood rents
Slaughter's coffee House, St martins lane
Will's and Serle's coffee Houses
The Grecian coffee House, Deveraux court, Strand
George's coffee House, 213 Strand
The Percy coffee House
Peele's coffee House , 177 & 178 Fleet street
The Bear at the Bridge foot
Mermaid Taverns
The Boar's Head Tavern, Great Eastcheap
Three Cranes in The Vintry - Thames street / New Queen street
London Stone Tavern, Cannon street
The Robin Hood
Pontack's, Abchurch lane
Pope's Head Tavern 
The Old Swan, Thames street 
The Cock Tavern, Fleet street
African, St. Michaels Alley 
Cock Tavern, Threadneedle street 
Crown Tavern, Threadneedle street 
The Kings Head Tavern, in The Poultry 
The Mitre, in Wood street 
The Salutation and Cat Tavern 
Salutation Taverns
Queen's Arms, St. Paul's churchyard
Dolly's, Paternoster row
Aldersgate Taverns

Mourning Bush Tavern, Aldersgate
The Mourning crown
Jerusalem Taverns, Clerkenwell 
White Hart Tavern, Bishopsgate without
The Mitre, Fenchurch street 
The Kings Head, Fenchurch street 
The Elephant, Fenchurch street
The Grave Maurice Tavern 
Mathematical Society, Spitalfields
Globe Tavern, Fleet street
The Devil Tavern 
The Young Devil Tavern
The Hercules Pillars Taverns
Hole in the Wall Taverns
The Mitre, in Fleet street
Ship Tavern, Temple Bar
The Palsgrave Head, Temple Bar 
Heycock's, Temple Bar 
The Crown and Anchor, Strand
The Canary House,  The Strand 
The Fountain Tavern
Tavern Life of Sir Richard Steele
Clare Market Taverns 
The Craven Head, Drury lane 
The Cock Tavern, in Bow street 
The Shakspeare Tavern, Piazza, Covent garden
Shuter, and his Tavern places 
The Rose Tavern, Covent garden 
Evans's, Covent garden 
The Fleece, Covent garden 
The Bedford Head, Covent garden 
The Salutation, Tavistock street 
The Constitution Tavern, Covent garden 
The cider cellar 
Offley's, Henrietta street 
The Rummer Tavern , Queen street
Spring garden Taverns 
heaven" and "hell" Taverns, Westminster
Bellamy's kitchen
a coffee House canary bird
Star and Garter, Pall mall 
Thatched House Tavern 
The Running Footman, Mayfair 
Piccadilly inns and Taverns 
Islington Taverns 
Copenhagen House 
Topham, The strong man, and his Taverns  
The Castle Tavern, Holborn 
Marylebone and Paddington Taverns 
Kensington and Brompton Taverns ... 
Knightsbridge Taverns 
Ranelagh gardens 
Cremorne Tavern and gardens 
The Mulberry garden 
Pimlico Taverns
Lambeth, — Vauxhall Taverns and gardens, etc
Freemasons' lodges ' 
whitebait Taverns 
The London Tavern 
The Clarendon hotel 
Freemasons' Tavern, Great Queen street 
The Albion, Aldersgate street 
St. James's hall 
Theatrical Taverns 
beefsteak society 
white's clue 
The Royal academy club 
destruction of Taverns by fire 
The Tzar of Muscovy's Head, Tower street  
Rose Tavern, Tower street 
The Nag's Head Tavern, Cheapside 
The Hummums, Covent garden 

"There is nothing which has yet been contrived by man by which so much happiness is produced as by a good tavern or inn." — Samuel Johnson.

To those who remember London prior to the accession of her present most gracious and well-beloved Majesty, and during the early years of her reign, there are few changes more surprising, and at the same time more interesting, than those that have taken place in the style and character of London taverns, chop-houses, and restaurants — or, as they were once termed, eating-houses.

Auction Mart, Bartholomew lane and Throgmorton street

Baltic Coffee house, or Mongers, 58 Threadneedle street

Birch's, Cornhill

Cats and Kittens, Eastcheap

Crosby hall, Bishopsgate
Finch Lane Taverns :

Izant's dining rooms & other Izant family

Old Fleece and Sun Tavern,

Whyte Lyon Tavern

Red Lion Tavern, West street, Clerkenwell (aka Jonathan Wilds)

References :
Lots of references are made to two sources on the internet archive :
Edward Callows, Old London Taverns &
John Timbs, Club life of London Volume

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What I am now attempting to achieve is the addition of all early coffee houses in London. Also, it is a great place to add any early taverns and inns which I have not yet listed on my pub history site. I just do not know which parish to add them to, or where they fit in.

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