An alphabetical listing by surname of Holdens London 1811 Directory of taverns, inns, wine and brandy merchants, coffee houses etc

William Daffarn, publican, 62 Bunhill row – City of Chester
Robert Daines, Crown, John street, Spitalfields
William Dairns, Crown & Grapes, Little Newport street, Leicester square
John Dale, wine merchant, 20 Coventry street, Haymarket
Peter Daley, publican, 299 Borough
John Dalman, George, Davies street, Berkley square
_ Dancer, Crosby Head, Old street road
Daniel & Hall, wine & brandy merchants, Smith square, Westminster
W D’Arcey, Yorkshire Grey, Kings road
Henry Davidson, wine vaults, 14 Little Wild street
William Davidson, victualler, 57 Rosemary lane, Whitechapel
Edw Davies, wine vaults & liquor merchant, Queen street, Ratcliff cross
James Davies, Bunch of Grapes, Old street road
Mary Davies, wine & brandy merchant, 86 Fore stret, Cripplegate – Grapes
Oliver Davies, White Hart, Oxford market
Rich Davies, Crown & Thistle, Haymarket
William Davies, wine & brandy merchant, 13 Market street, St James’s
_ Davies, White Bear, Old street square
Ann Davis, publican, Tichborne street, Haymarket
Davis & Barker, brewers, Eagle Brewery, Eagle street, Red Lion square
D Davis, publican, White Cross street
E Davis, Greyhound, Bromley, Kent
John Davis, Swan tavern, Mansel street, Goodmans fields
Joseph Davis, Northumberland Arms, Clerkenwell green
Nath Davis, victualler, 19 Ship alley, Wellclose square
Rich Davis, Golden Lion Inn & Coffee house, 112 St Johns street, West Smithfield
Rich Davis, Spanish Patriot, New Cut, Blackfriars road
Robert Davis, Green Man & Bell, Darkhouse lane
S & W Davis, wine & spirit merchants, 46 Houndsditch
Thomas Davis, brandy merchant, 5 Bow street, Bloomsbury
Thomas Davis, publican, 26 Whitecross street, Borough
William Davis, victualler, 19 Gravel lane, Southwark
William Davis, Carlisle Arms, Carlisle street, Lambeth
Francis Davison, the Gun, Wapping
John Davison, White Horse Tavern, 17 Warwick lane, Newgate street
Dawes & Lancaster, wine & brandy merchants, 1 Princes street, Westminster
William Dawes & Son, wine merchants, Storeys gate, Westminster
Benj Dawson, Kings Arms, 132 High Holborn
G Dawson, wine merchant, Gutter lane, Cheapside
George Dawson, Mitre Tavern, Mitre court, Fleet street
George Dawson, Pitts Head, Old Bailey
Robert Dawson, wine & brandy merchant, 12 West Smithfield – Kings Head
T Dawson, wine & brandy merchant, Blackmore street, Clare market
Thomas Dawson, Watermans Arms, Old Castle street, Shoreditch
Anthony Day, Coopers Arms, 25 Great Tower hill
James Day, wine & brandy merchant, 61 Back lane, Whitechapel
James Day, Cock & Magpye, 88 Drury lane
James Day, Dukes Head, Bromley, Kent
Jos Day, Rose & French Horn, Wood street, Cheapside
Thomas Day, wine vaults, 1 King street, Tower hill
James Deacon, Mitre, Tooting
S Deacon, wine & brandy vaults, 40 Great Tower street – Bell
Joshua Deal, wine & brandy merchant, 60 Castle street East – Princess Victoria
Charles Dean, publican, 44 Golden lane – Angel and Porter
Jer Dean, Kings Arms tavern, Old Compton street, Soho
Robert Deane, Bulls Head, West Smithfield
_ Dearlove, wine vaults, King street, Soho
S Death, publican, 121 Lower Thames street
V Deavenport, victualler, 128 Houndsditch
Charles Debenham, publican, 21 Princess street, Westminster – Red Lion
John Deeks, wine vaults, 19 Sparrow corner, Minories, Aldgate
William Deeks, wine merchant, 57 Wood street, Cheapside
Marg Deeme, the Rainbow, 15 Fleet street
John Degex, Prince of Wales Hotel, Leicester place
John Deighton, Coach & Horses, Marsh street, Walthamstow
Jos & Charles Delafons, wine & brandy merchants, 1 Bull & Mouth street
Delamain & Son, wine merchants, 67 Berner street
Francis Delapierre & Co, wine merchants to his Majesty, 27 Lower Castle street, Leicester square
Andrew Dempsey, publican, 46 old Gravel lane, Shadwell
Mrs Dench, Dukes Head, Walthamstow
John Denner, Furnivals Inn Coffee house & Hotel, Holborn
T Dennis, wine merchant, 4 Cowpers row, Crutched friars
James Dennison, Hand & Flower, Kensington gore
William Dennison, publican, 8 Lower East Smithfield
Dennys & Wilcox, wine & brandy merchants, 14 Savage gardens
F Dent, Northumberland Arms, 119 Tottenham Court road
John Dent, publican, Blackwall
A Denton, victualler, 6 Finch lane – Cock & Woolpack
_ Denyer, wine & brandy merchant, Newington Butts, Surrey
Harman Deterling, Ben Johnson, Worlds End, Stepney
Francis Deakes, publican, 1 King street, Westminster
Henry Dewar, wine vaults, 67 Broad street, Ratcliff Cross – Queens Head
John Dewhurst, Swan with Two Necks tavern, Lad lane, Cheapside
James Deykin, Bell Inn, Wood street, Chespside
James Dibble, wine & brandy merchant, 236 Tottenham Court road – Bedford Head
_ Dibden, George Inn, St Georges place, Camberwell
Edw Dible, White Hart, Plumstead
James Dicks, the Crown, Peckham
John Dickson, the Prince of Wales, Sampsons gardens, Wapping
William Dickson, brandy merchant, Twickenham
John Dixon, wine & brandy merchant, 9 St Marys hill, Little eastcheap
Jos Dixon, the Hole in the Wall, Grosvenor mews, Grosvenor square
Dixon, Morgan & Co, wine merchants, 13 Savage gardens
William Dodd, White Hart, Old Ford
John Doe, Crown, Holsden green
Edw Dolby, publican, Crutched friars
Peter Donald, publican, New Gravel lane, Shadwell
G D Donaldson, wine vaults, Sherad street, Soho
Donaldson & Co, Anchor brewhouse, Horselydown
Leonard Donders, wine & brandy merchant, 26 Norton Falgate
D Donovan, White Swan, Clane alley, Tooley street, Borough
Anthony Doran, wine & brandy merchant, Royal Cumberland gardens, Vauxhall
John Dorman, victualler, 10 Redcross street, East Smithfield
Thomas Dormford, wine & brandy merchant, 14 Philpot lane
_ Doubleday, Talbot Inn, Richmond
James Dowd, Swan, George street, Foley street
G H Dowdswell, Crown Coffee house, 12 Kings row, Pentonville
William Dowland, Ship, Finsbury place
Andrew Downer, the Red Lion, Red Lion street, Clerkenwell
Edward Doyle, victualler, 1 Princes street, Ratcliff Highway
John Doyle, Cock, Lichfield street, Soho
Rich Drake, Golden Eagle, Mile end road
Thomas Drake, wine & brandy merchant, Vauxhall, Wandsworth road
Thomas Drake, publican, Long lane, Borough
J Draper, Seven Stars, North end, Fulham
Joseph Drew, Crown, Church street, Bethnal green
I F Duarte, wine merchant, 3 Finsbury terrace
G D Dudgale, wine merchant, 3 Cowpers row, Crutched friars
William Duke, wine & brandy merchant, Castle street, Southwark
Dunage & Foster, wine & brandy merchants, 10 Philpot lane
Duncan Dunbar, wine & brandy merchant, 7 Fore street, Limehouse
Francis Dunn, Swan tavern & hotel, Westminster bridge
Dunn & Fraser, wine & brandy merchants, 2 Cowpers row, Crutched friars
James Dunn, wine & brandy merchant, 36 Paradise street, Rotherhithe – Lion
Dunnage, Forster & Son, wine & brandy merchants, 10 Philpot lane
H & C Dunsford, wine & brandy merchants, Bread street hill
George Duplex, wine & brandy merchant, 20 Foley street, Portland place
Peter Dupre, British wine merchant, Knightsbridge
Sam Durham, wine merchant, 9 Great Alie street, Goodmans fields
V Dutaillis, Imperial Hotel, 21 Great Suffolk street, Haymarket

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