An alphabetical listing by surname of Holdens London 1805 Directory of taverns, inns, wine and brandy merchants, coffee houses etc. it also includes parts of Essex, Kent and Surrey.

William Bond, Seagoes Coffee house, 20 Holborn hill
John Bond, the Talbot, 25 Whitechapel
William Bond, the Three Jolly Butchers, Hungerford market
Joseph Bone, the Bell, Old Bailey
David Bonner, the Chaise and Horse, Hammersmith
Thomas Boon, Greyhound inn and tavern, Croydon
William Boone, Horse shoe, Little George street, James street, Westminster
Thomas Booth, Dolphin, 135 Old street
J Boram, Lamb Inn, Romford
M Boshell, wine and brandy dealer, 79 Fore street, Cripplegate – Nottingham Castle
J Bossley, the Hog in the Pound, Broad Wall, Blackfriars
Henry Bosworth, White Swan, High street, Islington
Rich Botheroyd, wine and brandy merchant, 23 Golden lane, Barbican
Susanna Boulden, Bald faced Stag, Finchley common
William Boulnois, wine and brandy merchant, 14 Lime street – Grapes
John Boulogne, George, Carter street, Bethnal green
William Boulton, victualler, Norman buildings
John Bound, White Hart, Tottenham court road
Giles Bouy, Green Man, Covent garden
Benj Bovill, wine merchant, 21 Miles lane, Cannon street
Bowering & Co, wine merchants, 9 Goldsmith street, Wood street
_ Bowers, Southampton Arms, Tottenham court road
Elizabeth Bowger, Rose and Crown, Norwood common
Thomas Bowler, victualler, 20 Rupert street – Three Tuns
William Bowler, the Pumpkin, Seething lane
James Bowler, Ship and Star, 47 Joiner street, Tooley street, Borough
John Bowman, wine and brandy merchant, 14 Water lane, Tower street
Edw Bowra, Wheatsheaf, Pratt place, Camden town
Thomas Boyd, wine and brandy merchant, 10 Buckingham street, Strand
Peter Boyd, Bastard Arms, 21 Clipstone street, Fitzroy square
Benj Bradley, Swan with two Necks, Tothill street, Westminster
Thomas Bradley, Hoop and Ram, Mint square, Borough
James Bradley, the Ferry House, Strand lane
Thomas Bradshaw, Cross keys Inn, Gracechurch street
William Bradshaw, the Robin Hood, Leather lane, Holborn
William Bardshaw, Kings Arms, Hounslow
Bramwell & Sons, wine and brandy merchants, 55 Greek street, Soho
George Branburg, Thatched House, Lower street, Islington
James Brannan, victualler, 72 Parsons street, East Smithfield – Crown and Anchor
J Branscomb, Circus Coffee house, Blackfriars road
Thomas Branscombe, Two Brewers, Hog lane, Shoreditch
Francis Brasier, Star, Star street, Shadwell
Thomas Bray, Black Horse, Golden lane
William Breach, Crown, Phoenix row, Blackfriars road
Williajm Breakwell, White Horse, Washway, Stockwell
Joseph Bredaz, the Elder Tree, Elder street, Norton Folgate
Joseph Breadshaw, victualler, Millpond bridge, Bermondsey
Rob Breeze, victualler, 104 Wapping
P Brenan, Ship in Distress, Narrow street, Limehouse
Christian Brendell, Globe Tavern, Blackwall
Sam Brentnell, Barley Mow, 369 Strand
Daniel Brewer, wine and brandy merchant, 10 Piazza, Covent garden
James Brewer, Star and Garter Tavern, Richmond hill
John Brewer, Marlborough Head, Bishopsgate Within
James Brewster, the Bell wine vaults, Shoreditch
Edw Brewster, the Kings Arms, Rawstorne street, Islington road
William Briant, the Queens Arms Tavern, Bird in Hand court, Cheapside
Henry Briant, the Elephant & Castle, Lower East Smithfield
Thomas Briaris, the White Bear, Little Newport street, Soho
John Bride, wine vaults, 48 Middlesex street, Whitechapel
Stephen Bridge, victualler, Pearl row, Blackfriars road
Knight Bridge, the Tower, Artillery street, Bishopsgate street
Thomas Bridges, wine and brandy merchant, 57 Mark lane
John Bridges, victualler, Vauxhall
James Bridges, victualler, Half Way House, Knightsbridge
John Briett, the Kings Head, Love lane, Rotherhithe
Thomas Bridgen, the Keys, Theobalds road, Bedford row
William Briggs, the Gun, 160 St John street
_ Briggs, the Rose and Crown, King street, Deptford
Charles Briggs, the Red Lion Tavern, Leadenhall market

_ Brightridge, the Dukes Head, St Martins street, Leicester square
Sam Binklett, the Kings Head, Fulham
Henry Briscoe, the Shakespeares Head, Carnaby street, Golden square
Abraham Bristow, the Mariner, Cornbury place, Kent road
Isaac Bristow, the Mermaid Tavern, Hackney
James Bristow, the Angel, High street, Highgate
John Brockenbrow, the Bunch of Grapes, Bermondsey Wall, Surrey
James Brockley, Royal Oak, Paradise row, Rotherhithe
Francis Brogden, the George, Gravel lane, Southwark
William Bromley, White Lion Inn, Putney
Thomas Brookes, the Punch Bowl, Little Moorfields
James Brooks, wine merchant, 27 Queen street, Cheapside
George Brooks, the Old Plough, Tottenham
John Brooks, Rose and Crown, Tottenham
Rich Brooks, Kings Arms, Blackwall
William Broom, Shepherd and Shepherdess, Worcester street, Old Gravel lane
John Brough, wine vaults, Bury street, St James’s
Rob Broughton, Swan inn, Holborn bridge
Thomas Brown, wine merchant, 11 John street, Adelphi
Brown and Banham, wine and brandy merchants, 21 St Swithins lane
Browne and Carter, wine merchants, 72 Mark lane
William Brown, New Hummums Coffee house, Covent garden
Browns Coffee house, Mitre court, Fleet street
Thomas Brown, the Cross keys Inn, 109 St John street
Dan Brown, the Kings Arms Inn, Carshalton, Surrey
Joseph Brown, the Swan, Tottenham
Thomas Brown, the Old Kings Head, Green bank, Tooley street
William Brown, the Five Bells, 140 Swallow street, Piccadilly
John Brown, the Three Suns, near New Crane Stairs, Wapping
Rich Brown, victualler, 23 Woodstock street, Oxford street – Yorkshire Grey
John Brown, the Bricklayers Arms, King street, Golden square
Mathias Brown, the Kings Arms, Houghton street, Clare market
Joseph Brown, victualler, 23 Vere street, Clare market – Crown
Ann Brown, the Kings Arms, Queenhithe
Thomas Brown, the George, Bankside
Rich Brown, the Bull, Fryern, Barnet
William Brown, the White Bear, Lambeth street, Goodmans fields
James Brown, the Cart and Horses, Stratford, Essex
Charles Brown, the Duke of Gloucester, 248 Oxford street
J Brown, the Salutation, Narrow Wall, Lambeth
Rich Brown, victualler, 46 Great Windmill street – Catherine Wheel
John Brown, the White Swan, 24 Wapping Wall
John Brown, the Southampton Arms, Camden town
John Brown, Old Bell Sauvage yard, Ludgate hill
Thomas Brown, victualler, Great Ormond yard
Thomas Brown, the Sun, Sun yard, Lower East Smithfield
Charles Brown, Marquis of Cornwallis, Southampton street, Pentonville
P Brown, the Dover Castle, Narrow Wall, Lambeth
Charles Brown, the George and Vulture, 15 Wapping Wall
Browne and Forrester, wine merchants, 5 Savage gardens
Francis Browne, wine and spirit merchant, 47 Little Eastcheap
Sam Browne, the Castle, 26 Castle street, Holborn
T Bruce, the Crown and Magpye Tavern & Hotel, Aldgate High street
James Bruere, wine merchant, 41 Craven street, Strand
E Brunn, Chapter Coffee house, Paternoster row
Brunswick Tavern, Bow street, Covent garden
Bryen and Co, wine and brandy merchants, 37 St Marys hill, Eastcheap
John Bryan, the Old Swan, Paradise row, Chelsea
James Bryan, the Duke of Gloucester, Gloucester street, Hoxton
John Bryan, Dundee Arms, Bethnal green
Robert Bryan, Coach and Horses, Chiswell street, Finsbury square
R Bryant, the Strong Man, Lower East Smithfield
Thomas Buchanan, Masons Arms, Canterbury place, Lambeth
Fred Buck, King of Prussia, 82 Lambeth street, Goodmans fields
Mary Buck, the Old Fox and Hounds, Little Guildford street, Southwark
Thomas Buckland, victualler, Grays inn lane

John, William and Henry Buckle, wine merchants, 4 Elbow lane
Mary Buckley, the Red Lion, Old Gravel lane, Ratcliffe
John Buckley, Marlborough Arms, Lower Thornhaugh street, Bedford square
Thomas Buckley, the Black Horse, Aldersgate street
William Bucklow, Black Horse, Old Boswell court, Strand
Joseph Bugbird, the Queens Head, Hoxton
Thomas Bugbird, the Plough, Hoxton
John Bulcock, Crown and Sceptre, 27 Queen Ann street East
Joseph Bull, victualler, Printing house lane, Blackfriars
Bull, Old White Horse, Hungerford market
Edward Bull, the Angel, America square
Thomas Bull, vintner, 51 Great Alie street, Goodmans fields
John Bull, Watermans Arms, Watergate, Woolwich
John Bull, Globe, 366 Strand
C Bulling, the Plough, Lewisham
James Bullock, wine merchant, 24 Laurence Pounteney lane
John Bulman, the Red Lion, City road, Finsbury square
C Bulstrode, the Crown, Middle Scotland yard, Whitehall
D Bumstead, wine and brandy merchant, 184 Bishopsgate street Without
Junius Bumstead, wine merchant, 182 Bishopsgate street Without
Joseph Bunker, Parrs head, Little Knightrider street
William Bunker, the Queen Charlotte, Church street, Deptford
James Bunn, victualler, Stoke Newington
Joseph Bunnell, the Old Jane Shore, Shoreditch
Charles Bunyon, wine and brandy merchant, 99 Great Tower street
Edmund Burford, the Red Lion, Holywell lane, Shoreditch
Sam Burford, the Swan, Sudbury
R Burgess, the Ship, Craven court, Strand
John Burgess, the Marquis of Granby, Charles street, Covent garden
_ Burgess, the Yorkshire Stingo, Lisson green
Alex Burgess, the Old Balls, Harrow Weal, Stanmore
C Burrell, the Mitre, Mitre court, Aldgate
John Burrows, victualler, 109 High street, Marylebone
John Burt, victualler, Horseshoe, 1 Friar street, Blackfriars
Martin Burt, victualler, 230 Wapping
John Burt, Weavers Arms, Mile End
Charles Burton, the Fox, Old Paradise row, Islington
John Burton, Swan with Two Necks, 6 Great Carter lane, St Pauls
John Burton, the Fox and Hounds, Paradise row, Chelsea
C Bushell, wine and brandy merchant, 79 Fore street, Cripplegate
Thomas Bushell, the High Flyer, Berwick street, Golden square
James Bushnell, the Anchor and Hope, Broad Wall, Blackfriars
Sam Butcher, wine and brandy merchant,3 Whitcomb street and 51 Leicester square
Rob Butcher, the Bell, Red Lion market
Matthias Butcher, the Coach and Horses, St Johns street road
William Butcher, the Rose and crown, Long lane, Southwark
Benj Butcher, the Kings Head, Ranelagh street, Pimlico
Francis Butcher, the Joiners Arms, 15 Joiner street, Tooley street, Borough
T Butcher, the George, St Martins le Grand
Thomas Butler, Antwerp Tavern, 58 Threadneedle street
James Butler, Castle Inn, Hampstead heath
_ Butler, Queens Head, Tavistock street, Covent garden
George Butler, the Horse and Groom, Leather lane, Holborn
R Butler, Horns, 16 Whitechapel
Rich Butler, victualler, Queen street, Ratcliff
_ Butler, the Kings Arms, Little Moorfields
Philip Butler, Rose and Crown, Long lane, Southwark
Abraham Butler, the George, Pelham street, Spitalfields
James Butter, wine and brandy merchant, 146 St John street
William Button, brandy merchant, Westminster road
J Button, White Horse, Willmot street, Bethnal green
Rich Buttrey, Black Bear Inn, Piccadilly
T Byrchmore, Turks Head, 87 Oxford street
J Byrne, the Rising Sun, Little Suffolk street, Haymarket
Thomas Byrne, the White Horse, 8 Little Britain
James Byrne, Brown Bear, Upper East Smithfield
James Byrne, victualler, 10 Church lane, Ratcliff

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